Entries by Janine Lee

Endurance and Allegiance

These are two words that had nested themselves into my vocabulary over the last 6 months. When I sweep over the words, they seem refined and charming, like something out of an old novel or play. Somewhat lofty and spoken from the moustached mouths of an elite few, over brandy and cigars in a wood […]

Showing up, sharing the lead

It is beautiful to watch reciprocity in all its forms.   I recently read a scientific study about strapping little GPS back packs to 14 birds for the duration of a flight to find out which one was taking the lead in the flock. Contrary to the commonly held selfish gene theory, where the largest […]

Waking up to unicorns

It has been a particularly challenging week. Just a month after my car ran over my lower legs, I’ve had to ask for assistance more vigorously than my independent head desires and I find through this healing journey I am exposed and vulnerable. Deeply held beliefs and prior behaviour around “doing it on my own” […]

The Road to Uncertainty

There’s really no easy introduction on this one… so let’s leap straight into the painful truth. I wrote this 48hours after the life altering accident that continues to unfold and forces me to lead through uncertainty. Here’s what I journaled at the Royal Brisbane Hospital just over a week ago. I was washing my car. […]

Brilliant Women and bifocals

As the great Maya Angelou suggests in this video excerpt “a library is a rainbow in the clouds”. In my own experience libraries are places of great hope, democracy and discovery. My first fulltime job was in a library. At the time I remember feeling grateful for the money, the stability of routine and being […]