The journal concept went to Paris for a redesign – Tres Bien!

Janine took her open mind and heart to the galleries, streets and paper sellers of Paris. This trip was pivotal in the design of the journal. A real conceptual shift occurred during the time she sat at  the small window in the attic. Looking over chimney tops, complete with pigeons, view of the Eiffel Tower and baguettes for breakfast, the new look journal emerged.

Launched Journaling Courage with Joining Hands

Feathersome partnered with Joining Hands to give sixteen teens, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, the chance to discover the leadership skills they already had through living through their own challenges and envision themselves as leaders. The collaboration was made possible by a buy one give one social enterprise model. It was such a pleasure to partner with Joining Hands, which does such good work giving homeless people wellness.

Collected interviews and met courageous people

We never cease to be inspired by tales of authentic living and how adversity shapes people into flourishing leaders. We interviewed nineteen courageous, resourceful, inspiring women who lead authentically and have taught us the subtlety and strength of female leadership. We also connected with hundreds of people who opened their hearts and generously shared their stories of adversity, resourcefulness and leadership. To have been gifted with so many people’s lived wisdom is powerful and humbling.

Launched The One Hope Two Give Project

We have collected 445 One Hope Two Give postcards containing heartfelt messages to people who need some hope.Through our contact with people during collection and distribution of the physical cards plus the hope compendium on Instagram, the project has impacted over 7481 people positively. Cards have landed in the hands of 196 women in need.

Completed The Difference Incubator – Two Feet (Social Enterprise Program)

Two Feet heralded the next step for Feathersome, bringing team together deeply to co-create our offerings and develop our pilots. The incubator for social enterprise gently pushed us to schedule all our ideas, resourced team so helpfully and championed our venture. Ours was a lived experience that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and it was the whole team that actualised the roll out of Feathersome’s offerings.

Launched LeadHer Stories with Mabel Park SHS students

Feathersome mentored two year 9 young women through the process of creating a Q & A story for the Journal. The students undertook an 8 week program exploring leadership, gender and journalism as they created their article of a teacher at their school who inspires them daily. The program lead the students through real world work and helped them to hone their time management skills. Read ‘Full STEM Ahead’ to discover what the students produced.

Launched You Me and a Cup of Tea – One Woman Project and Do It In a Dress UQ

The inaugural Q & A pop up cafe enabled women to share their stories, send messages of hope, ask questions and connect with other leaders from the One Woman Project.One attendee said, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this. I go to a lot of the these events and it’s kind of like aggressive networking. I just love what this does because it makes you reflect, take a step back and think about questions for female leaders.’ We followed this with a pop up at the University of Qld Do It in a Dress event. We loved connecting with you like-minded people and hosting discussions with diverse women who lead with courage and strength.