How we got this far

  • 2021

    OneHopeTwoGive 2.0

    How do people develop agency and pathways thinking with creativity?

    Make way for helpful hopeful human…

  • 2020

    Research & WFH

    Accepted into QUT for some graduate research on hope in design practice

    Human Centred Design Research at RMIT and some crash neuro research on hope and creativity connections

    Student Engagement from Griffith Uni to research the psychology of Hope

  • 2019

    Impact & Future

    Our hearts are quite set on The One Hope Two Give Project

    Journal goes interstate to retail

    Measured our impact

    Feathersome moved Studio

  • 2018

    Journal & Events

    A wonderful year of fearless launches and leaps

    Courageous Conversation at Scrumptious Reads

    Women in Print Panel Discussion

    Journal flew to London

    Journal at Brisbane Feminist Festival at QUT

    Journal finds a home with 5 Brisbane retailers

    Launched the Journal

    Journaling Courage Workshop at WOW Festival

    Chuffed Crowdfunding campaign

    You and Me Leading with Tea on International Womens Day 2019

    One Hope To Give Infozone Collection at State Library of Qld

    Launched ‘Feathursday’ Newsletter

  • 2017

    Listen & Learn

    We grew our knowledge, collected the stories and created the art

    The journal concept went to Paris for a redesign – Tres Bien!

    Collected interviews and met courageous people

    Launched The One Hope Two Give Project

    Completed The Difference Incubator – Two Feet (Social Enterprise Program)

    Launched LeadHer Stories with Mabel Park SHS girls

  • 2016

    Ideas & Team

    Where it all began…

    Listened to our first stories of women leading

    Tested the ideas with whoever would listen and feedback

    Grew our team of volunteers and interns

    MBA Research and UQ incubation

    Had an idea to showcase female leadership

What it’s all about

This social enterprise project is designed to do good, to bring together team and to provide hope to people in need. In 2016 the compelling need was for women in leadership. So the vibrant volunteer team, with skills and a willingness to collaborate, share and learn created a journal, two workshops, events and a positive social media postcard campaign that all centred on uplifting women leading. At the time it made quite an impact on those who came into contact with it. It continues to do good amongst our partners. You can learn more about the process by linking into the timeline to the left.

With this small and significant pilot project we learned a lot about who we are, what we want to produce and how we want to move forward. We have narrowed our mission to focus on One Hope Two Give. Our plans for the next period of time are to better understand the distribution and measurement of hope. Who needs some hope and what does hope mean anyway? Watch this space as we are going to find out together.

PILOT FOCUS: Uplifting women leading

Women are a little over half the adult Australian population and there are persistent over, under and mis-representations of women within our society.

Women comprise about half of the Australian workforce, yet they continue to be under-represented in visible leadership roles, in key executive and board positions and as parliamentarians. Women’s voices are not being heard. The paucity of women leaders in key forums of critical decision-making in our society restricts, diminishes and silences women’s voices.

One woman is killed each week by her partner or former partner. A quarter of women have experienced violence from their partner and women are three times more likely than men to experience this kind of domestic violence. One in three Australian girls and women have experienced physical violence, since the age of 15. Domestic violence is under-reported and the media’s treatment of violence against women forms part of the context for the prevalence of domestic violence.

With your support we can change these statistics from the grass roots. By purchasing our product you are creating a social impact that will empower women and bring positive change to everyone in our community.