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Tiny Homes

This research piece about tiny houses on wheels provides a snapshot into the movement, which presents viable solutions to housing, environmental and social issues. It was inspired by an interview with an amazing woman called Mikhara Ramsing who has recently built one with her partner, and whose story features in the next edition of Feathersome […]

Truth talking

Today I’m musing over the concept of uncomfortable but important conversations. This one has been a sore point for me, from conversations about body hair, to gender equality and career choices, navigating the strong and opposing opinions of others around me is a constant source of frustration and learning. Whilst I know myself lucky to […]

A self-experiment in body hair

Today I’m sharing my most recent leap of courage; something I’m still testing out, and for lack of a better word is a bit of a prickly subject- growing my body hair. It began with a video 6 weeks ago now that was shared amongst the Feathersome family, which questioned why being ‘bald’ was considered […]

Advertising with an extra bite of almond croissant

As I sit contemplating my recent experience developing our advertising standards I am feeling quietly content. This is in part attributable to the warm sun on my back as I write, but mainly because of the ridiculous almond croissant I recently had at the Rocklea Markets this morning. I feel cocooned by the buttery layers […]

A story from Sa Pa

I have recently spent four days in a town called Sa Pa, which is poised on the Hoang Lien Son Mountains of Northwestern Vietnam. To reach it you ascend a narrow, windy mountain pass with an incredible view of rice paddies, which have been carved out of the landscape to form pyramid like tiers. Sa […]

Choirs are Cool

Bear with me today as I explore a topic I honestly don’t know much about, but which after a recent experience, I feel drawn to talk about. Today I want to unpack singing and choirs, as forces which can uplift us on both an individual and community level. So, as part of this path I […]

Why social enterprise

Hi, my name is Bronte Wilson and I am the Relationship Lead of Feathersome. I thought it would be valuable to share the story of how I came to be in this position, before you read the topsy-turvy stories of my journey with the start up so far. To put it simply, it all began […]

Eager listening with a side of rhubarb

It’s Tuesday morning, and I am sitting down to write about my experience interviewing someone for the first time. Beside me I’ve got a cup of crunchy cinnamon granola softened with creamy greek yogurt and roasted rhubarb, the perfect companion to an early morning working from my bed. My first interview took place on a […]