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The variance and volume of courage

To standardize courage, with all it’s variance, would be like declaring that all leaves are a single hue. For those of us who have dedicated time to laying under trees and observing the myriad of overlapping green spearheads backlit by sunlight on a cyan sky will attest, not all green is the same. So then, […]

Not taking sides

Tonight, one of my daughters asked me to download a version of the Macarena for a school performance, as they don’t have the internet in the hall. The performance is in a day or so and last-minute preps are aplenty. So, after looking for the aforementioned musical delight a full-screen popup appeared on my computer. […]

Tiny Homes

This research piece about tiny houses on wheels provides a snapshot into the movement, which presents viable solutions to housing, environmental and social issues. It was inspired by an interview with an amazing woman called Mikhara Ramsing who has recently built one with her partner, and whose story features in the next edition of Feathersome […]

The Road

Gloria Steinem says in My Life on the Road (p xix): ‘Taking to the road – by which I mean letting the road take you – changed who I thought I was. The road is messy in the way that real life is messy. It leads us out of denial and into reality, out of […]

Am I a feminist?

Am I a feminist? To answer this question for myself I needed to understand what feminist means because feminism and feminist are misunderstood and, for some people, scary words that are avoided, as described by Tara Moss in The Fictional Woman1: ‘… there are a number of people who still recoil at the word, including […]

Truth talking

Today I’m musing over the concept of uncomfortable but important conversations. This one has been a sore point for me, from conversations about body hair, to gender equality and career choices, navigating the strong and opposing opinions of others around me is a constant source of frustration and learning. Whilst I know myself lucky to […]