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The variance and volume of courage

To standardize courage, with all it’s variance, would be like declaring that all leaves are a single hue. For those of us who have dedicated time to laying under trees and observing the myriad of overlapping green spearheads backlit by sunlight on a cyan sky will attest, not all green is the same. So then, […]

Not taking sides

Tonight, one of my daughters asked me to download a version of the Macarena for a school performance, as they don’t have the internet in the hall. The performance is in a day or so and last-minute preps are aplenty. So, after looking for the aforementioned musical delight a full-screen popup appeared on my computer. […]

Inking History

Invented around 1440, the Letterpress was instrumental in automating the sharing of communication through efficient and economical duplication of words on a page. Although the Chinese had been printing since 1040AD it was this new form of presswork that gradually replaced scribes and illuminators as the most common form of printing. During the course of […]

Paris and Masters

Paris you are beautiful, I really do love you, but you are built off the generational recycling of art and ideas, made over and over again at the hands of mostly crazy men. Artists, writers, philosophers, politicians and kings mad and made on an end game that looks beautiful at all cost. Made arched over […]

Endurance and Allegiance

These are two words that had nested themselves into my vocabulary over the last 6 months. When I sweep over the words, they seem refined and charming, like something out of an old novel or play. Somewhat lofty and spoken from the moustached mouths of an elite few, over brandy and cigars in a wood […]

Showing up, sharing the lead

It is beautiful to watch reciprocity in all its forms.   I recently read a scientific study about strapping little GPS back packs to 14 birds for the duration of a flight to find out which one was taking the lead in the flock. Contrary to the commonly held selfish gene theory, where the largest […]