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The Road

Gloria Steinem says in My Life on the Road (p xix): ‘Taking to the road – by which I mean letting the road take you – changed who I thought I was. The road is messy in the way that real life is messy. It leads us out of denial and into reality, out of […]

Am I a feminist?

Am I a feminist? To answer this question for myself I needed to understand what feminist means because feminism and feminist are misunderstood and, for some people, scary words that are avoided, as described by Tara Moss in The Fictional Woman1: ‘… there are a number of people who still recoil at the word, including […]

Super Power Words

Do you think about the effect of your words? Are the words you use significant? For some time I have been concerned with words and how I use them – recently this has become increasingly apparent as I become aware of the power of the language we use. What are words? Simple utterances? Strings of […]

Musing and Meaning

I love the word ‘musing’. It has a quality of meandering wonder about it. It is a process that comes very naturally to me and, as I write this, I realise it is the way in which I experience and act in the world. So here I am musing about musing! The verb ‘to muse’ […]

A son’s question

My 12 year-old son asked me a question on the long weekend: if I could make a wish to eliminate one of these three global problems entirely, what would I wish for? End all war. Stop global warming. Cease all forms of discrimination.   What a gift he gave me! It made me think about […]

Learning from the knowledge, acts and voice of women

During the 10 days leading up to and including International Women’s Day on 8 March I had the privilege of hearing many stories that placed women at the centre, from a range of diverse people. Here is a little of what I learned…thank you to all the teachers I encountered during that time… Day 1: […]

Everyday acts of leadership

Some years ago I was a junior solicitor attending the Family Court with a woman and her children. We spent many hours waiting for the matter to be heard. I have memories of simply listening and talking to this woman – I did not do anything momentous. I just waited the long hours with her. […]

The thrill of learning

As part of my education this past year, I have delved into books, magazines, podcasts, movies and Ted talks to immerse myself in women’s stories. I have been both inspired and incensed by the stories of women who have been deprived of a basic education (literacy and numeracy) or who have had to fight for […]