Advertising with an extra bite of almond croissant

As I sit contemplating my recent experience developing our advertising standards I am feeling quietly content. This is in part attributable to the warm sun on my back as I write, but mainly because of the ridiculous almond croissant I recently had at the Rocklea Markets this morning. I feel cocooned by the buttery layers of crispy pastry and almond cream which linger on my mind and taste buds. In this state it’s harder to recall feeling overwhelmed and confused as I did on the outset of the task, unsure how to approach the project, as well as progress it.

For context, it’s worth noting I am a finance and economics student with no advertising experience. However, having recently learnt about the importance of framing, I would say it presented an interesting challenge and opportunity for growth. Or, alternatively a welcome distraction and procrastination of my impending university assignments.

Advertising standards are important right. In fact, in a society where we are STILL flooded with undermining, objectified and 2D portrayals of women, strict advertising standards are critical. Given this, it makes sense to ground our standards and begin with our values; integrity, transparency, diversity, connections, conviction and quality. From here, I was able to combine the Saturday pleasure of browsing through articles, with research on some of my favourite publication’s advertising offering and media kits. This provided me with a skeleton structure, but I was still a long way off. In fact, we as an organisation are a long way off being able to replicate the advertising offering and ask of well-established publications. So, where to next? How to next?

Deciding to give the project a rest for a few days and mildly complaining about my dilemma to a few people, I was reminded of a fellow incubator participant and mentor whose background is in advertising. She, provided the flesh to my skeleton, she was the almond to my croissant. Off the back of her extensive knowledge and ideas she openly shared I was able to enhance the advertising strategies. They connect our advertising offering from a startup stage, to our advertising vision all whilst maintaining our values. Once we start publishing and collecting data, our media kit will also take shape. It’s looking like an interesting shape. A reshape on mainstream offerings and something authentic – Halleluiah! All in all, this process highlighted to me the importance of space, reflection and relationships in work and in life.  Happy Thursday.


Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash