Learning from the knowledge, acts and voice of women

During the 10 days leading up to and including International Women’s Day on 8 March I had the privilege of hearing many stories that placed women at the centre, from a range of diverse people. Here is a little of what I learned…thank you to all the teachers I encountered during that time…

Day 1: Women are willing to write and draw a story of hope to uplift a woman who has experienced domestic violence. Their hearts are open despite being lost for words before they pen something so simple and real that it is profound. The start of 10 days of One Hope Two Give at SLQ.

Day 2: The State Library of Qld is a place full of female stories, from the tea cups in the Queensland Terrace to the books on the shelves to the amazing women organizing community events. It is a community hub for women to connect, access knowledge, develop skills, have a dry, safe place to be and to lead. Being able to connect with members of the SLQ community was a joy for which I am grateful.

Day 3: Parents of daughters have something to say to ensure these future women’s journeys are paved with hope, respect and peace. We can all come together to uplift women leading and support women who have experienced violence as the many parents showed – and some with the help of their young ones.

Day 4: Through the effort of purposeful women much can be achieved. Small conversations and invitations can lead to big things with so many inspirational messages collected to place in the hands of women in need.

Day 5: A woman does. Women all over the world do what needs to be done to nourish, to protect, to teach, to nurture, to toil, to save, to heal, to create…women perform such a variety of tasks which gives them great richness. Their stories are laden with knowledge and insight making them a resource to be treasured. I yearn to hear more of these stories steeped in the grit and joy and grind and calm and work of feminine life.

Day 6: A woman’s visionary leadership does not waiver despite the most difficult circumstances. The hospital bed work meetings kept the flow going to enable a whole bunch of good work to be done to uplift women leading.

Day 7: Women show up. Even though life is busy and families are demanding women show up to lend support. Generosity and open-heartedness again fills me with inspiration. And the people who receive that generosity are so grateful and in awe of the gift of being seen and heard. Logan Women’s Health and Wellbeing Centre thank you for your support!

Day 8: By giving women a safe place to go in highly dangerous environments, to connect, to learn and use their skills, women are prepared to take on leadership roles amongst the frightened and displaced. And when women take on leadership roles change happens because women act and connect differently to build community resilience. UN International Women’s Day Breakfast – stories of both despair and hope.

Day 9: Women are willing to get involved and give freely. Thank you to all the women who accepted the invitation to lead through volunteering at the You Me and a Cup of Tea event on International Women’s Day.

Day 10: Women draw on their inner reserves of courage to live through the isolation experienced as a refugee or a member of ‘the minority group’ or as a person who has experienced violence. Their fortitude and determination see them through their adversity – to learn English, to connect, to become educated, to leave the violence. Women are willing to mentor other women so they can take the next steps towards taking action to help others in need. You Me and a Cup of Tea at the State Library Qld on International Women’s Day brimmed with female tales of courage and resourcefulness -thank you Prudence, Nora, Anna and all who shared their voice.

Feathersome Journal is a repository of female voice. The authentic stories of women leading in business, creativity, education, habitat, politics and wellbeing resource other women to lead consciously and courageously. The crowd funding campaign to print the first edition was launched on International Women’s Day and has raised enough to print the covers! To be able to print more pages of the Journal we need your support through sharing and donating. I invite you to share the link http://chuffed.org/project/feathersomejournal with your friends, family, colleagues and connections and take the lead!

Photo by Lisa Verena Pape on Unsplash