Why social enterprise

Hi, my name is Bronte Wilson and I am the Relationship Lead of Feathersome. I thought it would be valuable to share the story of how I came to be in this position, before you read the topsy-turvy stories of my journey with the start up so far.

To put it simply, it all began with a chance meeting. The community engagement project I was working on at the time led me to Janine and her passionate cause in what can only be described as fate.

In hindsight, it was the sign and direction I so badly needed, with the backdrop of a degree and career path I was continuously questioning.

Like so many university students and friends of mine, I craved something bigger than uni and myself to feel content and fulfilled in my day to day life.

I had tried a few different volunteer roles, some requiring application of business skills and others just time and presence. All were rewarding and gave me back more than I could have imagined, yet none were the perfect fit or balance for me.

Feathersome struck that balance and a chord with me on a personal level. Women’s empowerment and leadership was something fostered in me from a privileged education at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. The school culture revered academic pursuit and women’s equal place in society. Feathersome drew a parallel, seeking to uplift women leading and empower women facing domestic violence. And, so it began, an uncertain, undefined journey with Feathersome to improve the lives of women.

I wasn’t to know that 10 months later I would still be walking this path, more passionate and practiced than before. My love of engaging with people and talking these issues has naturally carved out my role as Relationship Lead. With my university degree of commerce and economics still ticking along, I am able extend myself in new and different ways through Feathersome.

I think my ‘why’ for being involved in Feathersome is a beautiful culmination of factors. For one, I find it easier and a lot more rewarding working for a cause I care about, especially when the outcomes of my efforts are visible and measurable. It is also a joy to work with the wonderfully diverse chorus which support Feathersome, who are united by shared values, and continuously surprise and delight me.

At the end of the day, I believe working with a social enterprise is more than a job, it is an application and an extension of your life and who you are as an individual. Therefore, I have found what I give of myself in time and energy to Feathersome, comes back to me in a myriad of ways that go well beyond my expectations and a wage.

If you’d like to learn more about your “why” you might consider booking a ticket to WOWFestival where we will be delviering a journaling courage workshop on Friday. We are also super excited to be collaborating with the Idea HUB at UQ to deliver an all female incubator program. We will be sharing more in our next newsletter.