We are so positively pleased to offer you a high quality printed journal filled with stories of hopeful leadership, courage, resources and legacy. Thumb through 96 elegant pages of environmentally aware ink on beautiful Italian paper and covered in a chocolate and gold printed letterpress cover all wrapped in a red thread and delivered to you for an offline reading experience to enhance your knowledge and feed your heart.

In the Feathersome journal you will find quality, honest Q & A from people who lead in BUSINESS, CREATIVITY, EDUCATION, HABITAT, POLITICS and WELLBEING. We include intelligent research based CASE articles that complement our Q&A and expand on the ideas and roles that women hold in society today. Our KERNELS are opinion pieces written from our extended “family” of contributors and include personal views on femininity and how women perceive themselves within the world. Our team generously share our READ : LISTEN : WATCH lists so you can broaden your knowledge and we endorse products and services that align with our values in the HARVEST.

So get ready to soar on information researched, curated and presented by a team of incredible academics, artists, writers and feminists and settle in to enjoy this fearlessly feminine reading experience.

Discover through the extraordinary stories of other ordinary folk that you are the leader you have been looking for. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it.