Paris and Masters

Paris you are beautiful, I really do love you, but you are built off the generational recycling of art and ideas, made over and over again at the hands of mostly crazy men. Artists, writers, philosophers, politicians and kings mad and made on an end game that looks beautiful at all cost. Made arched over the backs, laying on the bellies and suckling the breasts of women carved from stone and painted as objects of desire. Men making headless and heartless objects of women as time turns and ticks and tickles the fancy of men alone. Women suffering the cruel strokes of brushes and imaginations of egotistical men who’ve learned to separate human from woman. Object, line, form alone is not beautiful – it is just an object a line and a form. Where is her inside, where is her heart, where is her history, where is her story?

As I believe it, at the hands of most of the male masters, women were carved into untouchable angels or over handled whores. I am both and everything in between dependent upon my cycle, the time of day, the time in which I am living, the person with whom I am speaking and my choice to share my experiences and yet artists and galleries hang isolated and extreme moments of my life as a girl, a woman, a female. There is a narrow and hard-framed story of ‘la femme’ for objectification and emulation. Emerging masters were raised and taught to copy the celebrated male masters from the centuries prior. Is it any wonder that the male gaze and the visual is hardwired? The artistic style may change but the story remains the same. The de ja vu and the recycling of unoriginal ideas that act to either tame or blame women. Does the persistent and unoriginal reworking serve to limit the inking of something honest, balanced and truly beautiful? If the artistic pendulum continues to swing to the extremes it becomes brutal like an insidious form of advertising or porn that fuels a man’s expectation and feeds a woman’s doubt. Please… show more female artists, more female ideas, more female gaze, more women portrayed as everyday human beings, more female artists leading with female voices so we can change expectation and social conditioning.

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